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Tips to Beat the Heat

Summer is on its way. Here are some tips to stay cool.

Summer is just about here, and everyone is going to be looking for ways to beat the heat. In our Scottsdale office, we know better than anyone that you have to prepare for the summer if you want to stay cool. In fact, we’ve been doing it our entire lives. Here are some ways to keep from overheating when the dead heat of summer finally hits.

Swim in the Pool

The most obvious way to stay cool is to head outside and take a dip in the pool. A nice, refreshing swim is a perfect and relatively affordable way to fight the heat. Whether you head out into your backyard pool, visit a friend, hit the local community pool or go to a nearby waterpark, there is no wrong way to enjoy the water. Just be sure to be safe, wear sunscreen and have fun!

Take a Weekend Trip or a Day Trip

Sometimes the best way to escape the heat is to literally escape the heat. Though this summer’s gas rates might make this a bit more expensive, taking a weekend trip or a day trip to a cooler place can help you cool off and have some fun. Many small towns offer gorgeous views, great shopping and delicious food. It’s oftentimes all packaged together with the charm of a little town that loves to see tourism keep its small businesses running. Fill up your tank, pack a bag and jump in the car.

Have a BBQ

Walking out into the backyard might not sound like the best way to get out of hot temperatures, but once you invite some friends over and fire up the grill, you might forget how hot it really is. Add some ice-cold drinks or a swimming pool to the mix and you’ll have yourself a perfect summer day.

Eat Cold Treats

Among ice cream, popsicles, snow cones, smoothies, milkshakes and so many more options, the list is endless. Cold treats are a great way to bring your body temperature down and keep you nice and cool. We also love to find hidden gems that serve our favorite treats then bring friends and family members to share our best hole-in-the-wall finds.

Go to a Baseball Game

The boys of summer are back, and baseball games are a great place to go during the summer. Even if the stadium is outdoors, you can usually find the shade or a cool spot to take in America’s pastime. You can enjoy ballpark food or grab a nice cold drink while you watch the game. Heading to a baseball game is a quintessential summer activity, and optimism is high for every team at the beginning of the year.

Find New Inside Hobbies

The summer is also a good time to perfect some of your inside crafts. Whether it’s baking, painting, collecting, writing, playing games or catching up on a new show, no one can blame you for staying inside when the outside temperature reaches triple digits. Furthermore, you might just make a few extra friends either inside or outside the house if you cook up some great food or make some beautiful art.

Bonus Pro Tip: Check Your Air Conditioner

Right before the summer reaches peak strength is the perfect time to check on your air conditioner or have it serviced. You never want your air conditioner to die in the middle of July, leaving you and your family not only miserable, but in dangerous conditions. Take it from us in Arizona. It’s worth it to make sure that you can take refuge in the cool AC if need be.