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Kirk Tushaus is our founder at Tushaus Wealth Management. Alongside his two sons Chase and Blair, Kirk has proudly lent his last name to his own brainchild. On a typical day, you might find Kirk interacting with our clients or working with Chase and Blair to find the best solutions for any type of financial plan. Every minute brings new challenges, but his love for his relationships keeps him pushing forward.

Kirk grew up in the Kansas City area and was raised by his single mother who taught him strong financial principles. She worked for a large law firm, but she made many sacrifices to give Kirk the upbringing and opportunities she wanted him to have. “My mother wasn’t wealthy by any means, but she paid for my private schooling at a well-regarded Catholic high school called Bishop Miege,” Kirk says. “I know that at the time it was a stretch for her financially. I think that made all the difference for me, and I’m forever grateful for her sacrifice. It changed my outlook on life and provided the foundation of what is really important.”

He has nothing but love and respect for his mother, who gave him everything he needed despite difficult conditions. She even showed him how to progress professionally, becoming one of three partners at a private bank holding company. Now he is extremely passionate about working with single mothers so that they, too, can give their children the best opportunities to succeed. “One of my favorite clients goes back to when I first came into the business in 1981. She was retired at the time and was a widow who loved the financial markets. She passed away about 20 years ago, but her daughter continues to do business with us. Every time I talk to her she reminds me of her mother, and we’re dealing with some of the same things that her mother dealt with,” Kirk explains.

After more than 40 years in the financial services industry, Kirk has seen nearly every problem clients could possibly bring to TWM. Whether they need help with asset protection, retirement planning, estate planning or investment management, Kirk knows the ropes and is always sharing his experience and expertise with his sons. His goal is to be a “good steward” with money, which to him means that he looks out for his clients’ best interests. He began his career working for large brokerage firms, which sometimes left a sour taste in his mouth when he was told to make decisions on behalf of the firm as opposed to the client.

Now, with his own firm and his own family as co-workers, he has instilled practices that follow his pursuit of good stewardship. He also considers himself lucky to work with his sons, who arrived at TWM with built-in trust and communication levels. “I’ve had excellent relationships with my partners in the past, but it was nice that I didn’t have to get to know and trust my sons over a short period of time,” Kirk says. “I know what kind of people they are. I know that they care about the clients. Our clients know them, and when we have meetings, it’s not with me. It’s with my sons or a combination of all of us. They know my sons and know that they can rely on them to try to take the best care of them.”

He also enjoys working with his sons from a team perspective, as all three bring different strengths to the table. Kirk admits that Chase’s math and problem-solving skills made him an excellent engineer but also believes he’s an immensely talented relationship builder, which helps him as a financial professional. That combination of abilities makes Chase the perfect partner when Kirk and Blair need assistance with processes and products. Kirk believes Blair is an expert communicator, saying that he can condense ideas into a few sentences or fewer while still properly educating clients.

On top of the trust and belief Kirk has in his sons, he also loves that they arrived at financial advisory as a profession on their own. He wanted Chase to have the chance to work as an engineer and to try working for bosses like Elon Musk at SpaceX before deciding that he wanted to work in finance. Blair also appeared to be chasing his destiny as a football coach before realizing that his uniquely-designed path led him back home to Scottsdale and into business with his father. Obviously with our name, Tushaus Wealth Management, we’re a family business, and Kirk would love to keep it that way should future generations find their calling in finance. “I couldn’t have been happier when both of them decided to join me, but I would expect their kids to go through the same process. I hope they try other things, and if it speaks to their heart and they find that it’s their destiny, I’d love for them to follow in our footsteps.”

Though he keeps a busy schedule, Kirk almost always finds a way to carve out an hour each day for physical activity. Whether it be hiking, golfing or another strenuous exercise, he knows how important it is to maintain his physical health. He is also extremely dedicated to volunteer work, even going as far as opening the Arizona chapter of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation in 2004. Kirk says, “We give $35,000 scholarships to every kid, and we’ve put on an annual golf tournament every single year. We just believe in giving back, especially to our military. We believe in taking care of those who take care of us.”

Kirk also adores traveling. With an office and a son in San Diego, it gives him a fantastic excuse to make the short trip over to meet with clients, spend time with his son and daughter-in-law, or just enjoy the beautiful weather. He also makes an annual trip to Colorado to help a friend who owns a cattle ranch, and he periodically meets with ex-teammates from his Kansas University football team. Talking about his former teammates, he says, “We talk over Zoom about every six weeks with roughly 80 of us, just to try to stay in touch. It’s very gratifying to see how successful a lot of these guys have been. It wasn’t real war, but it can really feel like it when you’re out there putting it on the line for guys in games. We just had a reunion recently on a ranch in Kansas with 25 guys, and the stories get better every time we see each other.”

While our three members of the family meet with each other at the office, they know that none of it would be possible without their wives. He’s eternally grateful to his own wife, Marianne, who has supported him unconditionally throughout his entire career in a demanding industry. He’s also thankful for his daughters-in-law whom he completely adores and have fit into the Tushaus family dynamic seamlessly. “They’ve weathered all of the storms, helping us and working for us, even in the background. Without their support, our journey probably wouldn’t have happened, and it certainly wouldn’t have been as much fun,” Kirk says.

At the end of the day, Kirk feels incredibly satisfied having pursued this profession. It has allowed him the opportunity to earn a living while spending time with people he cares about, saying, “My friend and I used to laugh that we’ve never worked a day in our life because we get paid to be friends with people and help them. For that reason and so many more, I couldn’t have been luckier.”