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Kenzie Trusela works for Tushaus Wealth Management as our client relationship manager. Her job is to handle client communication, service requests, paperwork, administration and marketing for the firm. Kenzie’s parents are long-time clients with TWM, so she immediately knew she had to apply when the position opened. “I was very excited when the opportunity opened up and I jumped at the chance to interview. I love working here,” she says.

She now supports Kirk, Chase and Blair, sitting in on meetings, performing back-office duties and ensuring that their day-to-day operations flow as smoothly as possible. After one year with us, she already knows that her career is heading in the right direction, and she knows she wants to be here for a while. “This is absolutely my long-term career path. I feel I was brought in and made part of another family helping families.”

Prior to joining us as our client relationship manager, Kenzie spent about 12 years in the food service industry. She flew up the ladder and into management and supervisory positions, constantly improving her people skills. Even though she didn’t have any previous financial experience, she arrived to TWM knowing just how to work with clients to understand their needs. “The food industry was a huge part of helping me grow into the position I have today, and I’m glad I get to use all the tools I picked up and implement them here,” she says.

Kenzie’s organizational skills also make her perfect for the job, and the technological aspect comes as second nature after completing an accelerated computer coding program at the University of Arizona. While she’s grateful for the experience learning to code and program computers, she considers herself more of a people person, and she’s glad she spends a lot of her time as our client relationship manager interacting with clients.

Kenzie is an Arizona native who grew up in Cave Creek, and she’s extremely close to her parents and her four brothers. “I didn’t really grow up with any aunts, uncles or cousins. We were really close because it was just us,” she says.

Her family’s busy schedules make it difficult to see each other as often as she’d like, but it never stops them from making the time every now and again. “My favorite thing to do is to go out to dinner. We just talk and laugh and enjoy each other’s company. I don’t care what we do as long as we’re spending time and making memories,” she says.

She has spent her entire life in Arizona and absolutely adores it here. As much as everyone hates the heat, it doesn’t bother her one bit. On top of the beautiful landscapes, she also likes Arizona’s roads and says the grid system just makes sense to her, as she’s very much a logical thinker.

She married the love of her life, Cecil, in Oct. 2020. They met working at a restaurant and reconnected after finding new jobs. “We rekindled our friendship, and the rest was history,” she says. The two enjoy living an active lifestyle and are passionate about staying healthy, working out five to six times per week.

Kenzie said she was always active, but she and Cecil picked up their consistent gym routine about two-and-a-half years ago. “We wake up at 4 a.m. on work days and go to the gym for an hour. It’s great because it’s something we can do together as bonding time, but it’s also perfect because you’re improving yourself,” she says.

Living in Arizona her entire life helped her develop an affinity for the Phoenix Suns. Cecil is a huge sports fan and always had Suns games on the television. One day, it just clicked, and she couldn’t believe the adrenaline rush brought on by a basketball game. “It was epic,” she says. “Now I watch every single game, and I’m a huge Cam Johnson fan.”

She also loves to cook and is constantly learning to prepare new dishes. Kenzie has completely mastered salmon, but her signature dish is jalapeño cream cheese chicken, a personal favorite of she and Cecil’s. Her life is extremely busy, but when Kenzie gets a few extra hours she is an avid reader. Some of her favorite books have twist endings, a trend that crosses over into movies and other storytelling mediums.

Kenzie has two step-daughters and two step-grandchildren. One of her step-daughters lives in Surprise, the other lives in Gilbert, and Kenzie and Cecil live smack in the middle in Phoenix. Though they might be distant geographically, Kenzie said that doesn’t prevent them from being extremely close emotionally. “We have a family group chat, and the four of us talk all day long,” she says. “I couldn’t be happier with our little modern family. It’s a blessing. It’s funny how well it works, but it works for us.”