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Chase Tushaus is our chief compliance officer at Tushaus Wealth Management. While he holds the titles of CCO and partner, Chase is always working on something different to keep us moving in the right direction. He might be running around San Diego meeting with clients and helping wherever he’s needed, or he might be working inside the office on planning, compliance or marketing. One of his favorite aspects about his job is its variety, constantly keeping him active and working toward his next goal.

Chase well-prepared to deal with the everyday surprises that come with the job. He attended the University of San Diego where he studied industrial and systems engineering, eventually moving on to work in the aerospace field for L-3 Harris and SpaceX. “When I went to the University of San Diego, I decided to do engineering even though I knew finance was my long-term goal. I thought it was something I was interested in and that it could help me build analytical skills. It kind of gave me something to build a career around until I moved on,” Chase says.

Though Chase knew finance was always his endgame from watching his father growing up, he really enjoyed his career as an engineer. He was constantly innovating, building rockets and satellites for some of the biggest news-making companies in the country. It even kept him active, moving from the production floor to the offices of other brilliant-minded engineers. The fast-paced work environment and long days built upon his already strong problem-solving and creative-thinking abilities.

He eventually moved into financial planning and spent nearly four years establishing credibility and making a name for himself as an individual. He was an advisor with a larger broker-dealer before arriving at TWM to work with his father, Kirk, and his brother, Blair, in 2020. Now he proudly represents the Tushaus name alongside Kirk and Blair. Chase believes that a major factor in working for a firm is trust, and he couldn’t possibly have found two partners he could trust more than his father and brother. The three bring such unique perspectives to each situation, and though they are each gifted advisors and problem solvers individually, they become stronger as a team.

The three are also great at assessing themselves and each other to understand how they can complement each other’s strengths and supplement each other’s weaknesses. “We aren’t afraid to say, ‘This is something I need my dad for,’ or ‘This is something I need my brother for,’” Chase says. “As a team, we come together and talk about problem-solving in different ways and from different experiences. We all bring something unique to the table, so even when it might appear on paper that I might have the best answer, when we all talk it through, bringing in all of those pieces and bringing in all of our problem-solving experiences, we can find the best answer.”

Chase is licensed in California to sell insurance products and holds a Series 65 license. His days start early and end late, and he uses all of his time to help our clients and build relationships. He also thinks of the financial planning industry as seasonal, with some seasons bringing new clients and some seasons sending him to meet with current clients, but he enjoys both equally. His wife, Julia, also works as a high school college counselor, which pushed him to become passionate about college planning. “It just seemed like there was a natural fit between the type of counseling she was doing and the type of counseling I believed I could offer students and parents. It just unfolded naturally and fit with what we were doing with our business, eventually becoming a core service we offer,” he says. He also likes to joke that it became a family business inside a family business with he and his wife working toward a common goal.

Volunteering has also become a major part of Chase’s life. When he was growing up in Scottsdale, he always admired his father as an active member of the church and the community. The flexibility and connections offered to him by his current job drew him to the financial industry, and now he’s able to work his dream job and help community organizations at the same time. One of his major personal passions is mentoring high school and early-college-aged kids. Sometimes the kids he works with come from families that weren’t able to offer guidance or an open ear, so his goal is to foster an environment where the kids can be themselves. “It’s an awkward age to be, but I’ve been through all of that. I was blessed with a great household and great parents. I had strong mentors and coaches who helped me get where I am today,” Chase says. “Once I realized how lucky I was with my experience, I felt like I had to give back. When much is given, much is expected. Now it’s something that just compels me, and it has taught me so much about myself.”

Since moving from Scottsdale for college, San Diego has become a big part of Chase’s life. The location and year-round gorgeous weather give him so many options when he finds free time. He loves to go shooting, hunting and hiking, and he and Julia have recently taken up sailing. They relish in the opportunity to be out on the water, almost feeling as if it’s their duty as residents of San Diego. The two spend a lot of time at the beach, and the ability to relax in beach chairs in Coronado whenever they please is something they’ll never take for granted.

After lending his last name to our business, Chase would love to keep TWM in the family. Kirk did have partners before Blair and Chase, but the two brothers strive to grow their business without the intent to sell. “We want to keep it in the family, and I think that’s going to come down to a decision that our kids will have to make. If it’s a passion of theirs and it’s what they want to do, that’s great. If not, I’m sure whoever does succeed us someday will be close enough that it will feel like family. Either way you look at it, it will be a family business, blood-related or not.”