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Blair Tushaus is a partner and our chief investment officer at Tushaus Wealth Management. Working alongside his father, Kirk, and his brother, Chase, Blair has proudly embraced the family business, now working each and every day to give our clients the opportunities they deserve.

He might hold the title of chief investment officer, but he does a little bit of everything at TWM. On a day-to-day basis, you might find him working with Kenzie, our client relationship manager, to find new opportunities or to assemble a strategy for different tasks. Once that plan is ready to go, he can decide whether he and Kenzie can tackle the job on their own or if they need to enlist in the help of the rest of our team.

In addition to daily operations, marketing and meeting with clients, he’s also constantly assessing markets and looking for movement or investment opportunities he can implement into financial plans. He’s also a host of our radio show, Haus of Wealth, where he spends an hour each week breaking down different financial concepts with Kirk.

Born and raised in Scottsdale, he operates out of our office in his home city. Always having lived in a family-oriented environment, he’s still thrilled to work his father and brother. “It’s easily my favorite thing about my job,” Blair says. “Just being able to share the experiences of having success in the business with them is the most fun part. When I succeed then my family succeeds, and our clients succeed as well, so they’re kind of a part of the family.”

As the youngest in the family, Blair has never had to live without Kirk and Chase, so his father and brother know him as well as anyone. Nevertheless, they continue to learn more about each other each day. With Kirk’s background in the financial industry and Chase’s background in engineering, they expected to assume roles that would go with their presumptive areas of expertise, but life always comes with surprises.

“What we thought might have been someone’s strong point might have been someone else’s strong point. We’re slowly developing roles, but at the same time, we all have the ability to perform all of the different pieces of the business,” Blair says. “We thought Kirk would be client-facing, but we find a lot of times that Chase and I might be best-suited for that. On the other hand, Kirk can do a lot of investment analysis and understands different topics on the economy and on the market that may have been intended for me as the chief investment officer.”

Though he now excels at his job and enjoys working with family and clients, Blair wasn’t always certain about a career in the financial industry. He attended Brigham Young University, where he played football from 2010 to 2012. He then played for the University of Arizona in 2014, a team that went 10-2 in the regular season on their way to the Pac-12 Championship Game and the Fiesta Bowl. His love for the game then led him into a coaching position at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Blair eventually left coaching, as the lifestyle wasn’t sustainable for someone who wanted a family, but he still carries the team-driven and competitive spirit he used to propel his success in football. “I try to explain finances and the market through different terminology and language that I’ve learned through coaches,” he says. “Sometimes the Xs and Os of football can also help somebody learn how finances work. When you teach it through that manner, in a way that some are already familiar with, I find that people can have an easier time understanding and grasping the concepts that we’re trying to implement into their financial planning.”

With our powerful trio of Tushauses now assembled, Blair believes he has found his calling. He thoroughly enjoys customizing plans that include his findings in the investment arena, Chase’s processes and Kirk’s all-around experience and proficiency in finance. He’s passionate about making our clients feel like friends and family, always making decisions on their behalf based on what he thinks is best for them.

He also carries his father’s love for working with single mothers and women in retirement. “Statistically, it’s very likely that women will outlive their male partners. I think it’s extremely important for them to be included from the beginning. As advisors, too often in today’s world we see widows left with a lot of questions and decisions. Those decisions become much easier to make if we address them at the very beginning of our partnership,” Blair says.

In his free time, Blair still enjoys working with his former high school, Notre Dame Prep, where he is a volunteer football coach and co-chair of the Alumni Association. He also likes to play basketball and hike with his wife Desirae, who he met during a stint as a pre-med student. The two try to stay active, and gorgeous trails through Arizona mountains give them every reason to. Furthermore, he’s extremely active in his church, Illuminate Community Church, which is a driving force for his morals and principles, and he assists with the Arizona chapter of the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation, which was started by Kirk in 2004.

His job also gives him many opportunities to travel. He often makes trips to our offices in San Diego, Denver and Kansas City, and for Blair, business is pleasure, seemingly turning business trips into vacations. “I get to visit my brother in San Diego, and I see my father’s friends in Kansas City where he grew up. In this business, clients turn into friends very quickly, so it always feels like I’m going to visit those I care about more than it feels like a work trip,” he says.

Blair would also love to see our firm stay in the Tushaus family. “The three of us are extremely plugged into everything going on in all of our offices, so we’re already a family helping families. In the long-term, Chase and I don’t ever plan to sell this business. Our hope is that it’s always run by a Tushaus,” he says. “One of the services we offer is legacy planning. Well, as brothers and sons, this is our own legacy, and we’re already planning it every single day.”