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Team Spotlight: Meet Kirk

Kirk Tushaus is our founder at Tushaus Wealth Management. Alongside his two sons Chase and Blair, Kirk has proudly lent his last name to his own brainchild. On a typical day, you might find Kirk interacting with our clients or working with Chase and Blair to find the best solutions for any type of financial plan. Every minute brings new…
Financial News

4 Tips to Save for and Fund Your Child’s College Tuition

College and other forms of higher education have always been a vital part of planning a career. The foundation of any resume, a recent study interviewing 500 professional recruiters showed that all 500 look for candidates with a college degree . Some common rebuttals to the argument for college might start with names like Zuckerberg, Jobs, Gates and Oprah Winfrey,…

4 Fun Summer Activities

Summer is almost here! As temperatures rise and schools empty, you might be looking for some fun things to do with all of your free time. Whether you’re dipping your toes to feel out the water or you’re cannon-balling into the deep end, it always helps to have a plan. Here are some ideas to fill up your calendar: Take…